Entry #2

I have an addiction and I think it's animating

2012-08-12 01:23:05 by MelMeikoMeiLing

Taking weeks and months to make something that will last for under 5 minutes or so really pleases me!!


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2012-08-12 01:27:26

it's not an addiction it's either a hobby or a talent, oh wait nevermind it's all 3

MelMeikoMeiLing responds:

lol Its whatever one chooses to call it.


2012-08-12 01:35:29

I wish I was addicted. I've been too lazy to finish my damn animation.

MelMeikoMeiLing responds:

WHYYYEEEEEEEE lol Where's the looove?


2012-08-14 19:16:39

Put some breaks in there and you could avoid ending up mangled like Pixel and get carpel tunnel